10 secret Android Apps you didn’t Know Existed

10 Top secret Android Apps you didn’t Know Existed

Android is the biggest open-source mobile operating system responsible for powering many smartphone devices and tablets. With over 2 million applications available for download.

There are still some unknown Top secret android apps that are very productive and serve optimally, but somehow undeservingly end up at the bottom of the pile.

And that’s why in this article I’m going to showcase such useful apps that may have evaded the attention they deserve. Excited. So, let’s get started. Kicking off the list with…

1: Anti stalker

Ever since the Internet has become more accessible. The dark side has also seen a massive rise, thus putting you at a risk of potential data theft or privacy invasion at the hands of hacker and stalkers.

Luckily, there are two sides of a coin and applications such as anti-stalker can provide a huge relief that is created by three women that holds a PhD with one purpose, that is to protect their user privacy.

sometimes often download files and download unconsciously from the Internet that contains malware or viruses that provide access to stalkers. Now as the name suggests, anti-stalker ensure privacy protection preventing anyone from breaking into your device.

This application operates quietly in the background when it’s installed as it sends a notification when any app uses the microphone or devices camera. It is the only application that provides a real time estimate of the apps that have access to your microphone or camera.

Along with the duration they have used it for, the detection will allow you to react quickly does the stalker has little to no power over your privacy. You can also add application to the whitelist. Another significant feature of the app is its user interface.

It’s designed to provide accessibility which allows you to benefit from the features without indulging in any complex operations. Also, I would like to point out that it’s one of the few privacy apps out there that does not collect data and this stalker is also more reliable and effective than the new privacy features. Introduced in Android 12.

2: Mr Tv

This best unknown Android app is free to use and comes with negligible ad placement to let you consume your video content without any disturbance. All the latest TV shows, latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and even old movies are available for streaming.

If you are on a metered connection and cannot stream currently, you can download the content on your device to watch it later.

Mr. TV constitute a navigable user interface that quickly let you find your favorite movies, TV shows and live TV channels. There is also a dark mode option. For the user to change between bright and dark themes to comfortably watch shows and film at night, there are no subscription here or onetime payment to install this app.

If you need to stream your favorite TV channel and watch live shows, this is the best app you should try right now.

3: spotty flair

Nowadays streaming music is the new standard, but it’s still there are audio files who prefer offline music listening, and if you’re one of them then this app is for you. Spotify player basically lets you download albums, tracks. Playlists from Spotify, YouTube, music, etcetera with just one click.

So, let’s say you have your favorite playlist on Spotify and don’t want to download each track one by one. In that case you just have to copy the link of the playlist and just paste it on Spotify player and there you go. You will have all your songs downloaded with just a single click.

4: Secure File Manager

It is a great Android File Manager app that lives up to its name and you won’t be able to find this app on Google Play Store, the UI of the app. It’s fairly minimal. You will get a stacked view of your folders.

Some of the best features of this File Manager app is that you can hide any folder or file with just a click within the File Manager.

Other features include locking apps with password or biometrics which adds an extra layer of security and encrypting file feature that lets you easily encrypt your files. Now these security features clearly show how the developer of this app is focused on the security which lacks nowadays.

5: Vectorify da home

This app is among the best Turn on apps that are on Google Play Store, but it still lacks the attention it deserves.

Unlike traditional wallpaper application, this presents you the option to construct your wallpaper using vector graphics. It is simply awesome and it’s best suited for users that are tired of wallpaper reputations.

The application directly presents you with a category with a vector image. You can change the vector graphics and the background color at this stage.

This app has a lot of categories of vector graphics to choose from. I like the nerdy and tech category. But you have many other options as well. Once you are done with the vector coloring, click on the large stick button to move to the next stage.

6: Photok

This app acts as your photo vault to secure your personal photos from unauthorized access, sharing and copying.

Despite being available on Google Play Store, it is one of the best unknown Android apps that needs a dedicated user fanbase.

The app itself is pretty simple, you just have to import the photos that you want to store in the application and encrypt them. The application uses the AES 256 bit. Encryption standard to encrypt the images and is unbreakable.

The encrypted photos are only accessible by opening the application and can be viewed inside the application itself. The app requires you to create a strong password that prevents unauthorized access by any other person using your phone. It also has an option to create and restore backups so that you can safely create a backup for your other devices as well.

7:  infinity for Reddit

It is an Android app that simplifies the clutter present in Reddit. It is a passion Project by the developer to provide a clean rated browsing experience for the readers.

The app supports for dark theme and presents 3 section that displays your subscription, popular post and all of the post until now.

You can register or even browse anonymously without even worrying about false sign in. It comes with filter to sort the post by category that includes head, new, rising top and controversial. Although there is a lazy mode option that screws the feed after.

8: Aurora Droid

Some of the best apps that is not available on the Google Play Store. One of the major drawbacks of using Android is the outdated and cluttered UI but not anymore.

With Aurora droid, which is basically a third-party client for Android, you will get a whole new UI update which feels fast and at the same time it uses the material design to showcase the apps which is V cleaner than ever Droid.

Another amazing feature of Aurora Droid is that it features more repositories to sync meaning you will get access to more untapped.

9: Instander

This app is basically a third-party version of Instagram with tons of amazing features that you won’t find in the official Instagram app.

Now there are two versions of this app, one is the cloned version that you can sideload while keeping the official Instagram app, meaning you can run 2 instances of the same app and the other version is the original version for which you have to uninstall the official app.

Now once you install the app, the first thing you will notice is that it looks exactly like the official.

Meaning you will be familiar with the UI and features, but when you go to the instander setting menu, you will find some additional features such as you can easily enable download options for stories and videos.

You can also disable ads and analytics. There is also a quality improvement setting that will let you improve the quality of reels, photos, stories, etc.

10: Frost icons

Unfortunately not in the Play Store. The app consists out of 2000 plus icons, so chances are you will find what you’re looking for without a problem.

Some Wallpapers are also included in the app, but I think they are useless. The icon Pack also supports a ton of launchers including Nova, Adwa, One plus Launcher, Smart launcher and so on. Frost Icon Pack works Best with a dark background, so keep that in mind.

So, guys, these are some of the best unknown secret android apps that you should try right now.

More like secret apps if you are looking for some secret websites that feel illegal to know.

So, which of the mentioned app you like the most please let us know in comment section.

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