Who is 6ix9ine- secrets to know about American Rapper?

Who is 6ix9ine? secrets to know about American rapper.

6ix9ine has become a controversial musical sensation with his scandalous acts, fiery feuds and boldest lifestyle. Let’s dig into this young heartthrob’s biggest controversies, criminal records and turbulent love life.

Who is 6ix9ine?

Born as Daniel Hernandez to a house cleaner, Natividad Perez, and an intoxicant addict, Jack Daniel Hernandez, his father abandoned him at birth and his mother raised him in poverty. Hernandez didn’t know his father until he was nine years old. His mother told him he wasn’t alive.

Hernandez’s father spent five years in prison for selling intoxicants due to poverty. Hernandez and his brother used to wear borrowed clothes and slept without eating.

 6ix9ine indulged in inappropriate activities in school and were eventually expelled. He then started working as a bus conductor and a delivery boy at a grocery store.

How Daniel Hernandez become 6ix9ine?

Things changed for Hernandez when he met his musical entrepreneur Peter Righteous P Rogers, who told Daniel that there’s an artist hidden in him, particularly a Rapper.

Hernandez took Peter’s remarks too seriously and started composing music. He started off with the stage name Takashi69, but later altered to 6ix9ine.

Is 6ix9ine Rich?

Today he is a millionaire and lives in Ultra luxurious lifestyle

Daniel Hernandez Today he is a millionaire and lives in Ultra luxurious lifestyle
Rich Daniel Hernandez.

He has earned a fortune through his hit songs. His rainbow-colored hair and extensive tattoos add to his Controversial Persona.

Three years back, Hernandez pled guilty to 9 charges and was to face a sentence of 47 years in prison. However, he revealed details of his associates who were involved in these crimes and served only 13 months in prison.

In July 2018, Hernandez was kidnapped and robbed by three armed men. The robbers eventually took his jewelry, costing $750,000 along with $35,000 cash.

Daniel was later found guilty of offering Its associate could it be $20,000 to shoot rapper Chief Keef? Two years back, 69 accused singers Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande of cheating and buying their way to a number one on the Billboard Hot 100 after their song stuck with you, 69 allege that Grande and Bieber were using six credit cards to purchase 30,000 copies of their song at the last Minute. Both Grande and Diva denied the allegations against them.

His debut single Gummo became a chartbuster as rose to number 12 on the Hot Billboard 100. Although his music is aggressive

Gummo became a chartbuster as rose to number 12 on the Hot Billboard 100.
Gummo in billboard.

In recent years, 69 has been engaged in multiple. Fights with the likes of 50 cents and the kid and rappers Little Durk and little Reese.

6ix9ine love life?

A few weeks before he got jailed, he began dating Jade, AKA Rachel Watley. She has 6ix9ine face tattooed on her body.

 Rachel Watley has 6ix9ine face tattooed on her body.
Rachel Watley.

The sultry siren even visited him in jail. In September this year, Jade was reported as one of Cardi’s strip club Brawl case victims. After this incident, even Jade and Daniel parted ways.

Hernandez conceived her daughter with Sarah Molina, but she dumped daniel as he would constantly misbehave with her. Molina also revealed that he is a nymphomaniac and a serial cheater, which made their relationship hell. She added that Hernandez accused her of sleeping with kifano shotti Jordan, associated with the violent nine Trey Gangster Bloods Street Gang.

Danial has another daughter with Marlena M, who was born four years ago. Even she laughed him due to his uninspiring habits and criminal background.

He then had a brief fling with singer Nicki Minaj, which sank without a trace.

Nicki Minaj and Daniel Hernandez.
Nicki Minaj.

While 69 is busy planning his next celebrity view, you hit the next article to tune into the world of trending superstars like Salt Bae.

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