Is Music Haram in Islam? The Islamic perspective

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment that people from all backgrounds and cultures enjoy. But is it haram (forbidden) in Islam? The answer to this question may surprise you. While there are some scholars who believe that music should be avoided in Islamic practice, there are also many who believe it … Read more

What is Daoism? Concept and philosophy

Daoism Daoism is a religion that originated in China. It was established in the Eastern Han Dynasty, but its origin was much earlier. The earliest source of Daoism was primitive religion and witchcraft. In primitive societies, people could not understand natural phenomena, and they believed the spirits and deities had a dominant role in their … Read more

Islam and Ramazan? The Truth Behind Fasting

Let’s first talk about Islam and then Ramazan? The name of Islam was initiated by the Qur’an, the holy sacred book to Muhammad for believers, Islam is certifiably not another religion. Rather, it addresses the last emphasis of the early-stage message of God’s Oneness, a topic found in before monotheistic strict practices. However, Islam can … Read more