How covid-19 has affected the contemporary World Order

Covid-19 is a Health crisis but also affected the contemporary world order. The theory of shifting of power is now realized against the world order.

One of the famous political scientists “Kishore mahburani” presented a theory in his book “The new Asian hemispheric: irresistible shift of power towards east.

According to him the power dynamics will be in the favor of the east and challenge the traditional world order. Covid-19 has given this theory a practical reality. If one analyzes the performance of both regions one will find that the global east was more equipped than the west. This is an evident form of the tabular comparison of both regions.

  Area’s  Global west  Global East
USA, UK, France
2 million +
  China, Korea
Below 10,000
Covid-19 cases midway 2020 WHO

Ways in which covid-19 has affected the contemporary world

After the episode of covid-19 one of the famous international relation analyst Joseph S. Nye


“Estimating the long term effects of pandemic is not an exact prediction of future but an exercise of weighing probabilities”.

joseph s Nye

The same is true when it comes to analyzing the effect of covid-19 on current world order. It has renewed the archaic ideas of an inclusive world order and highlighted the fault line in established liberal order.  This prediction of new world order can be scene on multiple levels.

Rising soft power in comparison to the Hard power structure of Traditional world order

During medical times there were saying that courage gives you motivation but your tools makes you victorious.

The source to this claim is no doubt unknown, but the idea behind it can be translated towards the fact how the tool of hard power in current world order was replaced by soft power. In the events of covid-19 the support by china during the pandemic was appreciated globally.

World health organization (WHO) openly lauded the Chinese disbursement of 1 billion dollar against covid relief program BBC.

this shows that the preponderance is now subject to the material support (soft power) of a nation. This shift of tools was brought by covid-19 in contemporary world order.

Uninterrupted wave of globalization

Maxims like uninterrupted Globalization is own jewel of existing world order faced challenges during Bloc policies in covid-19.

it was the mid of 20th century 1945 to be exact, when the leader of contemporary world order nailed the uninterrupted wave of globalization.

Eventually this become the norm of this system. However the advent of covid-19 has brought a paradigm shift. In this narrative with border closed all the states are turning towards their neighboring ‘friends’ for help.

This divides world into certain Blocs. This can be seen when the president of USA openly hailed the ‘America first slogan in the same narrative.  This depicts that the leader and ignited bloc policies across the globe.

google search result for Predictable blocs across the globe due to covid-19
Predictable blocs across the globe due to covid-19

How covid-19 has affected the contemporary World Order

  • The motion of power shift to the East was reinforced.
  • Shift from populism to demagoguery.
  • Green international agenda felt.
  • Weakness in established liberal order felt.
  • Bloc policies are on the rise.
  • Protective nationalism locked horns with the democratic base of the current world order.
  • The inclusive global governance model is on the rise.
  • Did away with the generic norms of uninterrupted Globalization.
  • Showed the weak foundation of humanitarian principles.
  • Expose the trend of incompetence by the established system.
  • Highlighting the historical mistakes by the top corridor of world order.
  • Reigniting soft power challenged the traditional policies of contemporary powers.
  • Institutional supremacy is weak; false promises like responsibilities to protect.
  • Weakness in established liberal order felt.
  • Unit of state consolidated against the custodian of collective goods.
  • The need for economic globalization has been felt.
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