Is Music Haram in Islam? The Islamic perspective

is music haram? the Islamic perspective?

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment that people from all backgrounds and cultures enjoy. But is it haram (forbidden) in Islam?

The answer to this question may surprise you. While there are some scholars who believe that music should be avoided in Islamic practice, there are also many who believe it can be enjoyed as long as certain rules are followed.

In this blog post, we will discuss the Islamic perspective on music and provide an overview of what is permissible within Islamic tradition.

Why is music Haram?

Many people listen to music without giving thought to whether or not it is permissible in Islam. However, there is a growing movement of Muslims who believe that music is haram or forbidden. This perspective is based on several verses in the Quran and Hadith which prohibit the use of musical instruments and forbid certain types of singing.

There are a number of reasons why music may be considered haram. Some believe that music promotes vice and immorality, as it can lead people to dance and engage in other sinful activities. Others argue that music is a form of entertainment that distracts people from the remembrance of Allah and the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Additionally, some Muslims believe that music produces an emotional state which is incompatible with the proper worship of Allah.

Those who consider music to be haram generally do not listen to it themselves and may even go so far as to avoid places where it is being played. They may also try to convince others not to listen to music, in order to protect them from its negative effects.

What kind of music is allowed in Islam?

There are a number of different interpretations of what is allowed in Islam with regards to music. Some believe that any music is haram (forbidden), while others allow for certain types of music as long as they are not accompanied by instruments.

The most common opinion is that all music is haram, based on the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) where he said:

“From amongst my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the listening to music as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay on the path of Islam and will not care about these things.”

(Sahih Bukhari)

However, there are those who argue that only instrumental music is haram, as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said:

“There will be among my nation people who permit adultery, forbidden food, and musical instruments…”

(Abu Dawood)

So, according to this interpretation, it would seem that vocal music is permissible as long as it does not include any instruments.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual Muslim to decide what they believe with regards to music and whether or not they think it is permissible. There is no clear-cut answer, but whatever decision is made should be based on knowledge and guidance from Allah (swt).

Is Music Haram? The Islamic Thoughts

The important function of music is to control the mind, Music makes the mind intoxicated that is why it’s called vice of wine.
Music leads to the death of modesty and the reign of sensuality. If intoxication incapacitates the body and mind, then music drowns the soul and intellect.
Once Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz asked teacher of his son, if you succeed in instilling in his heart a hatred of singing and flute, I shall think that you have trained him.

ibn Qayyim famous quote about music and quran.
Ibn Qayyim

According to Muslim believes Allah has forbidden everything that takes away the ability of a person to think and understand.
This is the reason why music has been called haram, which takes it to the unreal world and breaks the moon and stars.

A mind scholar review, why music is haram?

He said Music makes a person selfish and self-centered; he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. It is a path that has no end.

When happiness is derived from physical or mental exertion, another chemical is produced in the brain that balances it out, while music and mobile games has no physical or mental exertion and it produces dopamine, and they require a double-edged ease next time.

And the balancing chemical does not make, man goes on in search of more and more difficulty and happiness and when he does not find more, he suffers.

What kind of music is allowed in Islam?

There are a variety of opinions on what kind of music is allowed in Islam. Some Muslims believe that all music is haram, while others believe that only certain types of music are haram.

The majority of scholars seem to agree that only certain types of music are permissible, such as instrumental music without vocals or lyrics that could be considered offensive.

However, there is some debate on whether or not these restrictions apply to all forms of music, or only to certain types.


Music was also the same condition in human being, in search of more and more, it does not allow thinking and doing anything special in life. In the same way, instead of a human life, he falls under the yoke of animal life, who are only interested in their stomach and desires.

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