88000 jobs in Italy- How to apply for work permit?

The Embassy of Italy Order declaring the foreign national work permit quota for 2023 has been made public recently. There will be 82,705 spots available, up from 69,700 in 2022.

Which are not the exact numbers of which 44,000 spots are set aside for seasonal work 31,205 spots are reserved for the employment of particular nationalities in particular professions like construction, tourism, and telecommunications and 7,000 spots are reserved for foreign nationals who are changing their status and already have a residence permit in Italy or the European Union.

The Applications For above spots can be filled and submitted beginning of March 27. 2023 and are expected to be reviewed within 30 days of submission.

Eligible countries for Italy work Permit.

Only citizens of the nations listed below, which have signed specific migration cooperation agreements with Italy, are eligible for the majority of available spots.

  • Albania,
  • Algeria,
  • Bangladesh,
  • Bosnia-
  • Herzegovina,
  • Egypt,
  • El Salvador,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Gambia,
  • Georgia,
  • Ghana,
  • Guatemala,
  • India,
  • Ivory Coast,
  • Japan,
  • Kosovo,
  • Mali,
  • Mauritius,
  • Moldova,
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco,
  • Niger,
  • Nigeria,
  • Pakistan,
  • Peru,
  • Philippines,
  • Republic of North Macedonia,
  • Senegal,
  • Serbia,

Also, while certain spots have no nationality restrictions, others are allocated for citizens of nations that will sign agreements on cooperation in migration until the year 2023.

Types of Visas

Two types of work visa will be allocated to given foreign nationals.

Seasonal work visa.

Embassy establishes a total 44,000 worker quota. 22,000 of them are solely meant for temporary agricultural employment. In contrast, 1,500 will be permitted to work for a total of three years in a multi-annual seasonal job.

Depending on the sort of worker in question, different conditions may apply when applying for a seasonal work visa. For seasonal workers, you will need a job offer from an Italian agricultural company or an employer in the tourism-hotel sector. The following are examples of job titles in the agri-food sector:

  • Agronomist Agrotechnician
  • Laboratory analyst of the agri-food industry
  • Poultry farmer Agri-food technician
  • Cellarman – Direct farmer
  • Farm operator (professional agricultural entrepreneur)
  • The driver of food processing plants
  • The driver of agricultural machinery Environmental Consultant.

Nonseasonal work visa.

Road transportation, construction, and tourism are the industries. For non-seasonal employees, you must demonstrate that you have specialised knowledge and that you will be employed to perform job that neither an Italian nor an EU worker is capable of performing.

Also, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have a current health insurance plan and that you have the resources to maintain yourself while you’re in Italy.

Italy official website to apply a visa

if you are non-EU citizen wishing to work as a highly skilled employee in Italy? You can find information below on this site.

Italy works permit processing time

Depending on the city, work permits are typically provided between 6 to 12 weeks. The employee may apply for a work visa at the Italian Consulate in his or her country of origin or residence within four months of the Italian Employer obtaining a work permit for the employee.

Websites to apply for a job in Italy

 Before 27 you need to clear all your documents create a CV and also translate it to Italian language and apply on listed website below on your desired job.

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