Who is Nusret Gokce aka Salt Bae ? – Dark secrets

Nusret gokce also known as salt bae.

When you hear Salt Bae you probably think of the viral social media chef serving overpriced food to the rich. But like every successful person, salt Bae has dark secrets and this is his story.

His real name is Nusret Gökçe. He is a Turkish chef and social media personality who owns a chain of steakhouses.

What is Salt Bae famous for?

He owns Nusr-Et, a chain of luxury steak houses.

Nusr.Et  is a chain of luxury steak house worldwide.
Nusr.Et a chain of luxury steak house.

Nusret Gokce also known as salt bae went viral in 2017 for his unique way of chopping and seasoning meat. This fame allowed him to open a chain of steakhouses across the world. However, many famous food critics have accused him of being a fraud and serving low quality meat.

Who is Nusret Gokce?

Salt Bae aka Nusret Gokce was born in Erzurum, Turkey to a Kurdish family. His father worked in a mine and there was financial trouble.

The monetary state worsened, forcing young Nusret Gokce to drop out of school and Work at a butcher shop. Here, he honed techniques that later made him an Internet sensation.

How Nusrat Gokce become Salt Bae?

From 2007 to 2010, Gokce spent three years traveling the world to gain exposure as a restaurant tour. Nusret Gokce opened his first restaurant in Turkey at age 27.

It was a modest and had under 10 employees, but that changed when this place attracted the interest of a wealthy businessman. This man’s investment allowed salt bae to start a Dubai branch in 2014.

In 2017, a series of videos that show Nusret preparing and seasoning food when viral again.

Then people started to call him salt bae. Due to his unique seasoning style, his good looks became a sensation. Nusrat used this unexpected popularity to expand the business. As of 2021, it expanded to 8 countries including the USA, the UK and Qatar.

Salt Bae a scammer?

With fame comes controversy, He was soon exposed as a scammer. Inspired by his viral antics, the staff at his Istanbul restaurant pulled a stunt and it involves pouring gasoline on the fire in front of a bar.

five of his customers got burnt in this fire, including check influencer Tynus tresnickova.

salt bae steak house pouring gasoline on the fire in front of a bar.
salt bae steak house.

Nusret Gokce also received criticism from Senator Marco Rubio when Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro visited his restaurant.

To make things worse in 2019, former employees sued him for stealing their tips. Nusret initially claimed that employees who got fired over poor performance were coming up with ridiculous accusation.

But eventually he paid a $230,000 settlement to avoid trial. Wow, it’s hard to see who’s guilty here.

From Steve Cuzo to Pete Wells, salt bae restaurants have been hated by critics worldwide. Yet all the negative reviews could not stop him from hiking the prices further.

Is Nusr.Et Restaurants Expensive?

He is known for the most insane things as covering a steak or cheeseburger in gold and getting insane markups.

He charges $1750 for a gold platted steak and $300 for a gold Wagyu burger.

Damn, we recommend you make one at home and save some dollars. Last year, Nusrat faced criticism for charging customers $615065 for one meal.

Salt Bae charges $615065 for one meal.
Salt Bae charges $615065 for one meal.

The news came amidst the rumors that nusrat deleted negative reviews of Google and replace them with robot generated positive comments.

alt Bae deleted negative reviews and replaced them with positive comments.
Salt Bae deleted negative reviews.

Recently, he shared a picture of $166,000 bill from one of his restaurants in the UAE. It may have been a flex to him, but netizens lost their mind and might cancel Salt Bae altogether.

Well, Nusrat turned his virility into a successful business. He missed a key ingredient, flavor.

Salt Bay is putting more emphasis on exclusivity and entertainment when his focus should be on food and service. The experience might be Instagram able, but it cannot last in the game for more minds blowings.

For more celebrity secrets stay tuned with us.

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