The Darkest secrets of universe! Milky way

Milky way

  • What really is the Milky Way?

The Milky Way, located in the center of the spiral galaxies, is surrounded by a ring of dwarf galaxies. If most of them looked like we saw it in an old science fiction movie where people live in a world of space travel and wonder (the one you see here), this ring would be much larger than our sun.

Milky way the darkest secret in universe.
The Milky way

The Milky Way itself is made up of many large masses of stars, globular clusters, gas, ice that has broken apart to make the formation of all this mass (and other things which are not stars) but also other matter too (I would try to explain what the Milky Way is all about later).

There are several types of stars, different from each other and also different parts of the same star  the two outermost types of stars are called red giants and blue giant. As well as the Milky Way there’s another group of bodies known as spiral galaxies.

Gravitational Field

This is also very much related to gravitational fields, some more than others. But even if you have no idea what gravity is, you will still know quite quickly that gravity is everywhere, it is the force which pulls everything together,

Because something is pulling it apart and, from it being pulled towards the north and south which is the case for most of us, means that it’s going to end up in the sea of matter. And yes you do get a good feeling of it when you think of gravity.

So how does that work? Well when you have gravity, if it’s strong enough, then you can make things stick to anything if you were to put something heavy around them. So for example, you could use a ball and throw it upwards, and if it hits the ground, it won’t bounce back to earth.

gravitional force
Gravitational Force

All of us, as humans, have gravity and we all have many ways how we can experience it. But gravity can cause a lot of suffering for other creatures or creatures.

For instance, on the morning of August 20th 2017, a man named Neil Armstrong reached the Earth’s orbit of the moon. He did so by getting close in his spacesuit and then using the Apollo 11 space shuttle to carry him back to Earth (he wore a full hazmat suit).

During all those people who have experienced a space travel — they have suffered some gravity. People can go through a long journey and experience gravity, then they can suffer the next day when they reach an unfamiliar place and they have to deal with a new place, a new environment to be able to handle it successfully then again when they get back home they will experience a return back to Earth feeling gravity.

One of the best examples would be when Neil Armstrong became only the 8th human to ever walk on the moon. Many people suffered gravity when he landed on the moon while still wearing his “suit” and how he felt the weightlessness.

He said after landing: “People sometimes ask me what happens to our ego when we’re floating freely in space, and I tell them in my book The Ego: A Journey Into Consciousness that’s simply a psychological phenomenon. Our ego is nothing but pride.

Its existence is a kind of survival instinct. When we’re flying into space and walking off the edge of the Earth into unknown territory, we forget ourselves completely. We become aware only of ourselves, of our surroundings, of our progress, of our destination, our goal.

Every now and then we stop to feel ourselves. Often our ego acts out violently… I didn’t feel myself — I was just a ship travelling through space and time.

Sometimes after a few days the feeling of space-time disappears and you start seeing yourself, and sometimes you have no idea what you are doing except to keep going, to keep following, to give in to the temptation of trying to find out more, to find something to hold your place in the Universe… but then it passes, and so does the illusion that you can really find anything.

Eventually you lose sight of reality, because sometimes you just want to go home, you want to go back home.” Neil Armstrong was one of the last astronauts to enter space and he didn’t see the real side of himself (as was common for other missions).

His death could have been the same. However, he didn’t die, because he died while dreaming. He came on board a rocket to escape Earth and he knew his future would be so short. In the last moments before launch, he started thinking of what he would do.

He wanted to survive, he wanted to go back to Earth, he wanted to bring a child home. When the launch was over, he dreamed of living in a city and having a family, he wanted to have children and grandchildren. He couldn’t wait to be with his wife.

He dreamed of creating a safe job for families and helping to create jobs so they didn’t have to worry about how far they had to take care of kids. Life isn’t easy. People often face challenges when reaching our goals, so it is normal to have difficulties.

But nobody ever wants to face the real challenge. When people fail, all they need is to do a little bit better or perhaps make a little effort. Because of that, people often start dreaming again, even though this time they have already made a mistake or tried something else.

Just like Neil Armstrong got to know he wasn’t alone in the Universe and all he wanted to do was to share his knowledge with all humanity. He was one of the last humans to leave this place so, as a great explorer, he could help us all achieve a brighter future by sharing his knowledge of astronomy.

He wasn’t alone. Humanity needs to reach our dreams in order to live happily in life and that is possible only through exploration and constant discovery (for example, finding a cure for HIV/AIDS or discovering the origin of mankind).

And finally, the Moon was one of the places that Neil Armstrong dreamt. It was a place of scientific discoveries, technology development and exploration.

When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, humankind saw the potential that lay beyond the terrestrial boundaries and they understood that they needed to expand our knowledge; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to explore further.


What are the different names of Milky way?

in other parts of world our Galaxy goes by other names like in china its is called the silver River” and in some parts of Africa it’s called Backbone of Nights”.

What does Milky way Means?

in the galaxy in which we lives that contain the stars that make up the milky way.

Facts about the Milky way?

  • 10 Facts about the Milky Way.
  • It’s warped.
  • It has an invisible halo.
  • It has over 200 billion stars.
  • It’s really dusty and gassy.
  • It was made from other galaxies.
  • We can’t take pictures of it.

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