10 Top secret Apps not found on the play store

top 10 secret apps not found on apple store

It’s now been so long since I last created a best apps not found on the Play Store article. And so, with well and truly underway thinking, it was about time we made another article. So here are another 10 fantastic top-secret apps that you cannot find on the Google Play Store. You ready for this? Let’s get started.

So, kicking off the list the first top secret app

 Hands free music

This is an app I actually like most last year, back when it was available on the Play Store. But since then, it’s been removed.

And to be completely honest, it’s not all that surprising when you learn of what it does, and that is that it lets you search across every single song on the YouTube platform simply via lyrics. You just tap the microphone, say as many of the lyrics as you know, and it will instantly present you with the most relevant song.

The kicking though is that it then starts playing that music and free, and I guess this is probably the reason Google gave it the boom. Still a great app though.

TM WhatsApp

This is a modded version of WhatsApp that unlocks a bunch of additional and handy features. Among other things.

The standout features of this app include being able to hide your WhatsApp status as well as blue tick read receipts. There’s also a theming engine to make the app look super unique.

Plus, there are the stacks upon stacks of other really cool features on top of those ones as well. Keep in mind some features only work if the other users also have this version of WhatsApp installed, but regardless, it’s definitely a powerful mod worth looking into.

simple calendar pro

This top-secret app needs very little explanation, but I’m goanna explain it anyway.

The key component that makes this app unique is that it is a completely offline calendar application, meaning your security and privacy, but of the utmost importance.

Then it’s also completely ad free, which is fantastic, and it’s highly customizable as well. Not only in the way the app looks, but also in regard to how it handles your scheduling.

It also offers a few widgets to select from, plus you can seek calendar information from other apps if you need that sort of functionality. Definitely no frills, but a solid option, nonetheless.

Lawnchair 12

This version of Lawnchair is only officially available via the Telegram channel links below, but what makes this version so great is that it works with quick switch on rooted devices running Android 12.

That means you can set it as your phone’s stock default launcher, giving it full access to the gestural navigation system, which is amazing. So, if your phone’s default launcher offers pretty minimal customization options, like for example the Pixel Launcher on pixel phones, and your phone is rooted, then launch.

as well as an additional video covering how to use banking apps on rooted Android 12 devices, both of which are linked below if you think you might want to root your own device. Now, on top of that, if you’re someone running Android 12 who misses the old power menu found on Android 11 devices.

classic power menu

This app classic power menu is the tool for you. This application also requires root access to work.

Once it’s set up, you just activate the toggle and there you go. It works pretty well, although you might sometimes see a flash of the Android 12 Power menu before it downloads the old power menu, so keep that in mind.

Top secret websites that feel illegal to know

Guerrilla Mail

This is another no-frills application, but it could go a long way to solving the seemingly never-ending issue that is spam emails.

guerrilla mail secret app

And it does this by providing you with a disposable e-mail address which you can then use if a website ever asks you to enter the real one for one reason or another. Yeah, believe it. Show any messages that your disposable e-mail account receives, which is super handy if you ever need a verification code or something similar.

Dark Mode Live wallpaper

This is fairly similar to other automatic wallpaper changing apps I featured on the channel in the past, but it has a pretty nifty trick that makes it unique.

So, like dark night or automatic dark theme, which both apps are featured on the channel in the past, Dark mode live wallpaper also lets you set up two different Wallpapers that will get automatically changed whenever the live or dark theme is activated.

But this app takes to the next level by also letting you create dark versions of your favorite backdrops directly within the app. It’s a pretty simple yet effective solution, and although the UI and design of the app is definitely nothing to write home about, you really can’t argue with its functionality. OK?


It is a pretty handy app that allows you to download pretty much any online media to your device for offline playback, and so there’s very little wondering why this app isn’t on the Play Store.

All you do is copy the link from wherever your media is located, such as YouTube or Spotify, and then you just paste it into the app. You hit search and then download all and the app will then extract the audio information and download it to your phone and that’s it.

Wi-Fi QS

Wi-Fi QS is an app I just recently featured on the channel? It’s just so brilliantly simple that I couldn’t not feature it in this article. Now all this app does is create a quick settings toll that lets you turn on and off the Wi-Fi connection, and whilst that might seem completely unnecessary, anyone running Android 12 will understand why it’s so useful.

That’s because for some good reason, with the Android 12 update, Google decided to remove the separate Wi-Fi data toggles and instead they replaced both of them with the singular Internet toggle.

So that means if your wifi’s playing out, for example, and you want to disable it just to use your mobile data, it’s now just that little bit trickier to turn it off. So, with Wi-Fi QS installed, you’ll get a brand-new Wi-Fi toggle that you can enable and disable as often and as easy as you like.


A fun application that helps you to make big decisions. All you do is list any pros or cons related to a decision.

But then the key difference is that you then have to give each pro or con a weighted score out of 10. Once complete the apple then use a pretty simple formula to determine what your decision should be.

There you have it another 10 applications that for one reason or another Google don’t want you to download for anyone concerned.

These apps are actually safe and secure, it’s just something about their functionality that prevents them from being approved for publication on the Play Store.

But that’s it. If you have any other apps that also can’t be found on the Google Play Store, that let everyone know down in the comments below.

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