The Most Weird Experiments in Human History

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Through the ages, people have experimented with animals to see what they can do. It’s not something that is new and weird.

As technology advances we’ll soon be able to conduct these experiments on us as well. However, human beings are unique in many ways. They think differently than most of other species we share this planet with.

So, while being a bit more bizarre than others, here’s some interesting studies from the past and present humans who were strange enough to make out the line between reality and fantasy.

Toilet Paper Bags and Wipes

People used to hang their toilet paper in big plastic bags. This was to see if it would stick to the bag when it got dirty and to also see what a person did with it after using it.

For example, they could use the bathroom or even take a shower. If it smelled like toilet paper then it was washed away so that nobody would know they had used toilet paper. Well, when a lot of people started doing it without actually reading a manual, it got way more complicated.

A man named David Eberhard decided to experiment. He wanted to try out if he could use his own toilet paper instead of buying one from someone else. When he put it together, nobody really wanted it but it worked! While Eberhard got his toilet paper, a man named John Higgs got another toilet paper, covered in toilet paper and made into a pillow for an old woman who wanted to sleep.

The whole thing went wrong because a couple of days later, the woman died. The two toilet paper wipes survived the journey, as did the woman, but only because they contained toxic chemicals that killed a man named Andrew Jones. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you want to have happen to you.

Farming Animals

Many times, people would go on farm and take a look at the animals to study for research. Like how animals are related to plants, they were also kept in cages to live in what looked like a sort of pen. In the summer of 1996, a farmer named Chris Dickey started experimenting with rabbits and mice.

After collecting all of his mice and rabbits, he would leave them in cages until winter. Eventually they all became sick and died in the cage. Then, things went downhill. One day, Dickey was eating dinner with another guy named Gary Fincher.

They were both vegetarians and came to the table only to find out that Fincher was a vegetarian too. That night, Gary showed up to the house and started laughing hysterically all over the place. Dickey tried to get him to stop and asked him why.

Apparently, he thought Dickey didn’t like the look he had and he thought they should both have gone back to living out in nature. Dickey gave up the idea and moved on to next week’s menu. At least one life, so to speak.

Pancake House

This time, I found my story on Reddit. Someone built a pancake house out of cardboard boxes. They would fill each box with milk and eggs.

Then, they stuck slices of lemon in there before sticking more slices in next to it and eventually adding flour and sugar. Then they would put food inside of it in order to test. There were many pancakes to choose from and a little girl who always chose the ones she liked. Sadly, she never got to eat those.

She died shortly after. Luckily, her mother found her body and pulled her out of the pancake house. Now, her mother wasn’t ready for anything but death, misery, and sadness that caused her to get sick.

Stray Cats

There were many stray cats at one point. People thought they were amazing. They were adorable as hell. No one had ever seen a cat that lived in the wild before, which is where people used to get their kittens from. And then, along comes Emily Brimstone.

She decided to save herself by getting herself adopted. She took off her collar and adopted a baby kitten, called Charlie. Soon, the baby turned into a small cat who just wanted to play around. Just one little kitty who could play outside if he wanted to.

Eventually, a group of cats started taking them away and leaving them in a shed. That has been going on for years now. Finally someone figured out what happened to Charlie and brought it to the police. What kind of idiot thinks that animal is fine? This is where the legend of ‘Stray Cat’ comes from.

Chainsaw Massacre

If you’ve heard about Chainsaw massacre, then you already at least heard some bad news and it didn’t look good. In 1795, five men by the name of Robert Scott took down this beast. They chopped through its flesh with chainsaws and left it lying dead in the woods.

Then, they chopped it up into pieces and threw it to a stream so that it wouldn’t starve. To this day, no people have ever been able to capture it again, as no one wants to die. You don’t believe me? Let’s talk about why they murdered something so majestic.

Because of course, they don’t want someone else to get tired of killing something so beautiful. Even though the beast was huge and had claws of fire! Once they got tired and bored, they walked away with it because that’s what they do when no one is watching.

Nobody knew what they had. All the time since then, the world hasn’t seen any chases as long as someone got the same reaction from hunting a dog. Oh, wait, it didn’t look like they were running away the whole time. Maybe they weren’t so hungry. Either way, they were killed and they were forgotten. Until sometime in 2014, when the owner of the land where the murders happened told the FBI that he had a secret. His secret was to make the beast disappear.

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