What is Advertisement? How to create Eye catching Ads

how to create eye catching ads

Advertisement has always been a crucial part of the world of marketing. Throughout the decades we have seen a significant increase in the number of advertisements, whether it is on the media like television or widespread through social network platforms.

The goal of advertisements is to get consumers to buy a targeted product, and while this method has been proven considerably successful. generally, some people view it as too prevalent to catch the consumers’ attention anymore.

How advertisement works?

Advertisements can act as a strong persuasion device to seemingly hypnotize people into buying goods and services.

This is so because of the tactics placed in the messages, such as showing people having a good time together when using a particular product, using bandwagon, showing only the upsides of usage, and applying compare and contrast strategies to show the effects of using the product and make it stand out.

Even if people do not know it, these messages are repeated several times and soon it may brainwash people to finally go out and get the product.

For instance, if a person is watching television and sees a certain advertisement for a snack many times, the repeated sight of the scrumptious food may result in that person feeling hungry and succumbing to the advertisement at last.

Do people pay attention to Ads?

Nevertheless, there is another point of view in which the widespread of advertisements makes it a normal thing

. After watching a dozen of advertisements people will see it as a mere everyday routine and cease to pay attention to the message of the advertisement.

Some people may even choose to turn off a television channel, for instance, only just to avoid seeing and hearing repetitive advertisements. After a certain frequency, they start to get bored and stop paying attention to ads.

Hence, in the end, the main goal of advertisements is not complete since the people to whom the messages are sent out do not receive that message.

A real-life example can be seen in advertisements on a particular social media platform, YouTube. In the YouTube marketing mechanism, advertisements are placed before and in between videos, hoping that the viewers would also be forced to watch the advertisements, too.

However, this is not usually the case, since many people would just click “Skip Ad” and continue on.

Tips To Writing Successful and Eye Catching Ads

  • The Headline Says it All
  • Sell the Benefits
  • Use Bullet Points
  • Use Limited Graphics
  • Clear Call to Action

5 Ways to Make Eye-Catching Video Ads

  • Be Creatively Cheeky
  • Get People Talking
  • Grab Your Audience in the First Five Seconds
  • Go for an Emotional Punch
  • Turn Expectations on Their Heads

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Instagram Ads

  • Use Content That Feels Feed-Native; Try User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Utilize Attractive Ecommerce Photography With Dynamic Ads
  • Make Sure Your Targeting Is Aligned With Your Audience & Outcome
  • Put Your Products in Context
  • Use Social Identity Theory for Creative Positioning
  • Any long-time communications or psycho


 In conclusion, advertisements can be successful in persuading people to purchase goods and services, or they can be unsuccessful in many ways.

They are very commonly seen nowadays, but not all of them fulfill their purpose. Thus, advertisements must be designed and presented in the correct way to result in the highest effectiveness.

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